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Alley Culture


Fall 2016

   The Dis-ease Years, Maureen Aitken, essay

   Fall Exhibition High Water, Scott Pfaffman, drawings

   Brambles, The Opera of the Worms, SNS Photography #7 & 13, Judy Rifka, artworks

   David Simon on Jazz

   Company Town, new documentary by Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman

   #NoDAPL, The Standing Rock Lakota/Dakota Sioux Nation protect the rivers from oil

Spring 2016

   Writings and Writers (Alley Culture News)

   Spring Exhibition Analog, Peter Williams, Nancy Mitchnick, Brian Lacey

   Alley Culture Seed Exchange - Sunday March 20 at 2pm

   Chat, hood, Mattress, Angela Topacio, drawings

   The Great Oceanic Ball, comedian Bill Burr

Fall 2015

   The African Omnidevelopment Space Complex / We New, patrick brennan, essay

   As We Lay Dying, Stephen Jenkinson interviewed by Erik Hoffner

   Catfish, Fall exhibition

   Robster, Bridget Knoche, drawing

   Alley Culture Turns Twenty, artists in order of appearance

Spring 2015

   Dexter and Sinister, Jim Wanless, essay

   ROBOTS/BUILD/DESTROY, Spring Exhibition

   Panoptistate and Supersymmetry series, Ben Hoy, four photographs

   Democracy at War, Enrique Peñalosa speaks on citizens and cities

   Fear of Reform, Julian Assange

   Alley Culture Seed Exchange Sunday 22 March

Fall 2014

   Live from Planet Norte, Joe Bageant, essay, excerpts

   Trumbullplex curates Alley Culture, Fall Exhibition

   untitled, Steve Panton, photo

   Margaret Atwood in conversation

   Alley Culture screening of Thirst November 8

Spring 2014

   An Open Letter To All The Wild Creatures Of The Earth, Patrick Lane, essay

   river river, Gerald Horn, Spring Exhibition

   Dry Aloe, Denise Corley, drawing

   Postcard From The End of America: Los Angeles, Linh Dinh, excerpt

   notes on chemicals, Detroit walking, and 15th annual Seed Exchange

Fall 2013

   Postcard from the End of America: San Jose, Linh Dinh, essay

   working title, Fall exhibition

   Mapscore. 04 and Twigscore. 140, Germaine Keller, constructed photographs

   Hiro Fuku, radiation loop

   Four Pacific Isotopes, definition

   The Big Six, food chain control

   Shops & Services, observations and list

Spring 2013

   Riding The Winter Solstice, Bill Felker, essay

   Legacy: Ameen & Ara, Spring exhibition

   Lost Numbers, on War and Snyder

   Seasonal Ups & Downs, Poor Will's Almanac

   14th Annual Seed Exchange

   Suspension Point, Sue Mulcahy, drawing

   Hamilton Just Becomes More Hamilton, Sky Gilbert talking gentrification

Fall 2012

   The Long Walk, Split Horizon, essay

   Night on Earth, Fall exhibition

   Miagishkingjigwe (Ojibway), Rick Vian, drawing

   Cass Corridor Dylan notes for Harvey, Mick Vranich, 2007

   Footnote to Nature, notes from John Livinston's Rogue Primate, 1995

Spring 2012

   Which Detroit?, John Gruchala, essay

   Occupied Thoughts, Mikey Elster, essay

   Compost, Christine Hughes, drawing

   VOP 2012, Spring exhibition

   13th Annual Seed Exchange & Wildflowers of Detroit project launch

Fall 2011

   Radar LA, Richard Montoya, essay

   WTF! GWSB 22 @ AC, Dave Roberts, essay

   Los Angeles River at the Sixth Street Bridge, Allan Barnes, artwork

   comedian Marc Maron, 9/11, and Marshall McLuhan

Spring 2011

   Reflections on the Culture of Work in the D from a Former Auto Worker, Lolita Hernandez, essay

   Infrastructure, Spring Exhibition: Eric Fogle, Bridget Knoche, Rick Vian, S. Kay Young

   Every Action, Gwen McKay, essay

   untitled, Ian Ingram, stencil

   William Gibson's Social Media, Gibson talks about 'gated attractions'

Fall 2010

   The New Oregon Trail, Carmen Mendoza King, essay

   Fall Exhibition, Bob Sestok, essay

   Too Much, Too Little, Too Late, Jim Chatelain, Gary Mayer, exhibition

   excerpt from “Give It Away”, Mick Vranich, poem

   Disaster, Bob Sestok, painting

   Nature Deficit Disorder, three voices for nature, essay

Spring 2010

   Stirring the Soil: A Look at Detroit's Urban Farms, John T. Grackle, essay

   Photography Through Time & Space, Allan Barnes, Rebecca Cook, Nicole Macdonald, Steve Panton, exhibition

   Public Transit, H. Chong, essay

   untitled, Stretch, drawing

Fall 2009

   Hostage to the Myth of Gadgets, Sherry Hendrick, essay

   Fall Exhibition, Diana Alva, Ben Benedict, Robert Crise, Jr, Mary Laredo Herbeck, Robin Sommers

   Escape from the Zombie Food Court, Joe Bageant, essay (author of Deer Hunting with Jesus)

   untitled, Stretch, drawing

Spring 2009

   Seattle Notes for the Alley Cultured, Wade Rosenthal, essay

   terraConstellate, Spring exhibition, essay Deb King, curator

   Parking Meter in Snow, Kathleen Rashid, drawing

   AC's 10th Seed Exchange and notes on avoiding the GMO, ethnobotany, and the big dollar on radio.

Fall 2008

   Late-summer wars, David Watson, essay

   President TV, Fall Exhibition

   The Kwame Balloon Leaves Detroit, Jerome Ferretti, 2008, drawing

   Cass Corridor Artists, Writers and Musicians' Bumper Sticker

   Notes from Ivan Illich, Daniel Pinchbeck, and AC's Shops & Services (still serving since 1892)

Spring 2008

   Your Kid Could Do That, George Tysh, essay

   Postcard from Cuba, Peter Werbe, essay

   Steve Canaday and Robert Sestok (paintings and prints) Spring Exhibition

   The 10 Million Watt Casino and Look. . . it's chemtrails!, Dave Sands, cartoonist

   AC's 9th Annual Seed Exchange and seed notes

Fall 2007

   Wee, the people  Barry Crimmins, political satirist

   Harvest  Fall Exhibition

   Bush Knew  Richard Mock, 2002, linocut

   Harvest Time - Biodiesel For The Revolution: I Don't Think So ,  Magnolia Collective for quarterly Slingshot

   Harvest Time - Genetic Roulette, the new probiotic: GMO Corn   Jeffrey Smith quotes from radio interview

   sub-urban Infrastructure, and notes from the Surface (Where would Raymond Chandler shop?)  

Spring 2007

   Remembering When the World Ended  Jeff Crawford, essay

   Pine Wood Derby  Silent Auction & Racing

   Version of Firmin  Michael Mikolowski, 2006, drawing

   Create Homeland (Food) Security by growing your own...,  Dave Roberts, essay

   Poletown Lives!   documentary screening May 5

   The Size of a Thought  from Nick Begich radio interview

Fall 2006

   Everything's fine, we hope  Dennis Teichman, essay

   The Dark Future  Heather Campbell & Matt Shultz, essay

   Mother of All Harlots - Postcard from Mars  Deb King, net.work, 2006

   Richard Mock quote from his November 2000 radio interview on CJAM

   The Biology of Belief  notes on science and spirit by cellular biologist Bruce Lipton

   Hope Through Darkness  Fall exhibition and film 'Sir! No Sir!'

Spring 2006

   Immunity Rx  Creativity, mind control, and power

   American Icon American Myth  Labor and myth, and PBFA's Spring exhibition resurrecting Paul Bunyan

   Arayan Nation Welcome Wagon  Richard Mock, linocut 1998

   Getting the News  labor writer Jack Fate corrects the press' paradigm of portraying all working class people as 'lazy'

   Bagged for Profit  more leafy green plunder

   Spring Films at Alley Culture  Loose Change (Second Edition) and The Illuminati: All Conspiracy, No Theory!

Fall 2005

   Live History  Tuka, talk given about her experiences as a Katrina relief worker

   Ten Years on the Alley   AC's tenth anniversary

   Shadow Report   Fall exhibition with Peter Gourfain and Christine Monhollen

   Paul Bunyan Sure Saved Our Asses That Day  James Milostan, print

   NOLA Notes   on Red Cross, FEMA, Blackwater

Spring 2005

   Fear Factor   Vince Carducci, essay

   V O P   voice of the people exhibition, exhibition essay & AC film screenings

   Meeting Frank, Mick Vranich, essay

   103  Gordon Newton, drawing

   AC's 6th Annual Organic Seed Exchange, Exhibitions & Notes

Fall 2004

   July 4th, 2004   Richard Mock, essay

   November Coming Fire   Tom Carey, exhibition essay

   Quotes from political analyist Craig Hulet, and investigative reporter Michael Rupert

   Saucer and Lethargy   Eric McDade, artwork

   Globalizing Frog Skins   essay

   and further notes on science and art of living in the time of the Megalomart

Spring 2004

   Bootleg Stock Car   Mick Vranich, essay

   Trickle Down Community   essay

   [ chill ]   exhibition with Rebecca Cook, Steve Panton, Kathleen Rashid, Bec Young

   High Horse   Bec Young, artwork

   A Primer on Depleted Uranium (DU)   Steve Panton, essay

   Exhibitions & Notes

Fall 2003

   James Hart essay   capitalism, democracy and Christianity--the dominant ideology: the "common sense" of a nation

   Arthur Wenk/Vijai   review of new paintings from Hawaii and history of his work in Detroit (with 1960's photos)

   It Can't Happen Here?   Ron Morosan, drawing

   Spirit Infusion   a brief history of the Common Ground of the Arts, and Trumbull Theater's roots as Arthur Wenk's studio.

Spring 2003

   Excerpts from Feb 15 Anti War Speech   Barry Crimmins, political satirist

   the death of art . . .excerpt from “between dog and wolf: Essays on Art and Politics”  David Levi Strauss, critic

   The Business of War  Bob Mundy, Vietnam Veteran

   Unittled Drawing   Michael Mikolowski

   and other notes on art, science and survival

Fall 2002

   Bush Exonerated   Deb King, satire

   Tom Carey   art review

   Astroturf Map   Cathering Uehara, artwork

   Women In Unity   Kathleen Rashid, essay

   Greetings from Baltotroit   John E, essay

Spring 2002

   One month into the new millennium   Dennis Teichman, essay

   Military Tribunal Executes Justice   Richard Mock, linocut

   Detroit Art Test Answers   Ron Morosan

   Images From Detroit's Cass Corridor   documentary film review

Fall 2001

    The Detroit Art Test  Ron Morosan

    Zine Culture

    Alley Culture Begins its Seventh Season this Fall

    Nin Pagidenindis, Nin Kitchitwawendagos   Rick Vian, 2001, artwork

    How To Shut Down a Nuclear Power Plant by Visiting Your Locally Owned Hardware

Spring 2001

    The war we are engaged in is cultural . . .  Richard Mock, essay

    The puppet lofts . . . FTAA  Finding the news

    Organic Seed Exchange  Benefits of growing local

    The Patron Saint of Travellers  Richard Mock, linocut

    mark(s)  Online quarterly of the arts, review

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