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Alley Culture

Art & Issues
ARTEIDOLIA     an online monthly consideration of Visual. Sound. Word. in reviews, interviews, observations. Created by six artists, writers, musicians in December 2013.
mindshots: How Shit Happens     Dietmar Kirves, Berlin
9338campau     most intelligent gallery to hit the streets of Detroit in December 2008. In a new home 2014. edwin2739 archive
fromthegut.org     living tactical media substream culture curated HTD at AC
Gallery Aferro     “bound or chained to an insane idea” but doing good things in Newark since 2004
Past Tents Press    Detroit publisher of poetry since 1987. Distributed by SPD
Gerald Horn    Painter, sound maker, and animator. Animation of poem Remote Dwellings by Mick Vranich.
Autonomedia    Books on theory from autonomous zone to art zone. Interactivist Info Exchange
Art Car Museum    Created by Jim Harithas. Pushes the radical edge in the barrio
ABC No Rio    The bunker from the Colab days is still going strong
Observing Surveillance     A series of D. C. exhibitions on the post 911 public surveillance cams
Rocky Ford Studio     Cooking in the cabin log truck rolling by in the distance toward Paul Bunyan Fine Art
Judy Rifka     paintings and new animations
NO!art     archive for NO!art
mark(s)    place to view a well-curated selection of art (and animation, film, essay, poetry) [2000-2009 archived]


Conspiracy & Fun
Ordering Your Pizza    homeland security style
RFID Wallet    The people's real use for duct tape
Planetary Health & Healing
Sea Shepherd    
Reclaim Turtle Island    
Vine Deloria Interview    “Where the Buffalo Go: How Science Ignores the Living World” by Derrick Jensen
Helen Caldicott     In these new times of 'global warming demands nuclear power' it is time to re-visit the master.
The Ecologist     investigative news on the shape of the planet, WTO, Monsanto
searchable botanical    based on A Modern Herbal by M. Grieve
NYC's Wildman Steve Brill     identify edible wild plants around you in the city
Scorecard    The nuts and bolts Polution Locator of what and who. Avoid on emotionally overcast days.
News Sources
The Guardian    UK's Guardian newspaper
Counter Punch    Alexander Cockburn's magazine and muckracking machine
Greg Palast    US Investigative journalist working from the UK
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Scholars for 911 Truth & Justice   
Free Press    Harvey Wasserman's (early Greenpeace anti-nuke point man) weekly
TV News Lies    daily update on the “missing” stories  
Info Wars    Alex Jones' news site backing up his radio broadcasts - 7.050 Mhz
Peter Werbe    Actions, news, essays, images. Daily conduit
Commondreams    News and extensive link list to world dailies and AP wire
truthout    Clearing house for timely, read worthy press
The New Hampshire Gazette    the nation's oldest newspaper & home of the Chickenhawk Database
Joe Bageant    discovered 'The American Hologram,' author of Deer Hunting with Jesus - Dispatches from America's Class War [archived Bageant essays]
Barry Crimmins    Political satirist Barry Crimmins' reworking of the “news.”
Black Box Voting    Ballot-tampering in the 21st Century.

Commentary: Essays    
Harold Pinter:    Honorary Doctorate Speech given at Turin University (on US war with Iraq)
Gore Vidal: “The Enemy Within”    10.27.02 911 under painting leading to our curent state with linked footnotes
Noam Chomsky: “Iraq Is A Trial Run”    4.2.03 Interview by Indian newspaper
Senator Byrd: “Reckless Administration May Reap Disasterous Consequences”    2.12.03 D.C. Wakeup call

Rights & Privacy
Electronic Privacy Information Center     Civil liberties, privacy protection
Spy Chips    in everything you buy
Electronic Frontier Foundation    Defending freedom in the digital world
Surveillance Self-Defense    EFF's common sense education

This page continually in progress.   Last update 1 May 2016.

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