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Alley Culture

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Earth Sized Earth Attention   Winter 2018 - Spring 2019

Greta Thunberg
our house is on fire Greta Thunberg
sacrificing priceless values Greta Thunberg
Kevin Anderson
limits Vaclav Smil
Pulp Fiction 'carbon neutral'
An Open Letter To All The Wild Creatures Of The Earth, Patrick Lane
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“Local herbs are not ten times stronger, not a hundred times stronger. Local herbs are one thousand times stronger than exotic ones.”
    --J. R. Worsley, Worsley College of Traditional Acupuncture, UK. He is credited with bringing Five-Element Acupuncture to the West in 1956.


The latest news, research articles and discussion on world food security GRAIN (Barcelona).
Recent articles:   Land grabbing for biofuels must stop... GM maize in Mexico: An irreversible path... Behind the 'Green Economy': Profiting from environmental and climate crisis.

Jeffrey Smith's Institute for Responsible Technology is another source of breaking news. He is the author of Seeds of Deception and the film Genetic Roulette.

Select seed from a reputable company or friend, grow your crop, collect seeds from your crop. Free seed hand-outs from NGOs are not always well selected seed. Some may be from companies that sell GMO seed. Some seeds may be plant patented (PVP) or GMO seed. Not savable, and PVP seeds compromise the entire Public Domain of seeds and plants.

Seeds in the fall, flowers in the spring, colorful wasps and active honey bees gathering nectar, fruits through the winter. Wildflowers of Detroit is an archive of photos taken by random individuals capturing the wildly thriving beauty across the city of Detroit. A project created by Matthew Shultz and Gwen McKay and launched March 18, 2012 at the Alley Culture Seed Exchange. This archive of place and inhabitants covers approximately 2012 to 2015.

Now that the initially remarkable Seeds of Change seed company has been owned by the tenth largest global food giant M&M-Mars for the last ten years, here are a few independent seed companies and collections dedicated to maintaining seeds in the public domain:

JL HUDSON SEEDS is a catalog for a desert island. Experienced descriptions and dedicated politic. No PVPs. Non GMO seeds are more important than “organic” seed. “Some of these organic seed companies are down water from commercial orchards, and don't take into account the tainted water they are using.” Send catalog request to JL HUDSON, SEEDSMAN, P.O. Box 337, La Honda CA 94020 (A Public Access Seed Bank - Established 1911)

Alan Kapuler's PEACE SEEDS 2018 list, 2385 SE Thompson St Corvallis, OR 97333 (Planetary Gene-Pool Resource, Seeds, Plants, and Research Journals, Public Domain Plant Breeding). The Seeds of Change seed company was majorly created with Alan Kapuler's seeds. 2018 Peace Seedlings list and Sowing the Seeds of Change: Meet Dr. Alan “Mushroom” Kapuler

Vermont's HIGH MOWING SEEDS, (802) 472-6174, family owned, heirloom and organic varieties

SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE, 3094 North Winn Rd, Decorah, Iowa 52101 Phone: (563) 382-5990 (You can buy seeds from their public catalog or become a member and share seeds directly with other savers through their members' catalog.)

FEDCO SEEDS, Maine   [Recommendation REMOVED] related to GMO and PVP seeds.
Fedco Seeds states in their 2013 seed catalog that they buy from and thus advertise for “Multinationals who are engaged in genetic engineering,” noted by a tiny '5' in the plant's listing. Fedco Seeds also sources from seed companies that produce “Plant Variety Protected. Unauthorized propagation of the seed is prohibited” seeds, noted by a 'PVP' in the plant's seed listing in their catalog. Recently added is a $4.00 service charge if you order both organic and conventional seed.

Jamey Lionette's essay in Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed, edited by Vandana Shiva, South End Press. Lionette is a 'corner grocer,' knowledgeable on procuring food locally and on the problems created by mega-grocers like Whole Foods.

If you live more than a day's walk from Alley Culture, you might consider starting your own Seed Exchange. One neighbor, a couple friends, some seeds saved from your plants in Fall, a few seed packets to share, and plans to meet in early spring are all you need.

Monsanto owned garden seed varieties. The actual List compiled February 2012. In other words, for eggplant: buy Rosa Bianca not Black Beauty, or for broccoli: buy Kaupler's Nutri Bud, not Coronado Crown, Major, or Packman varieties, if you don't want to contribute to Monsanto's bank account.


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